Thank You God

“…always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father;” (Eph. 5:20)

Songs are one of the many ways we can thank God for all his goodness to us. This singing Paul talks about has three components; when what, and how.

When we sing we are giving thanks in many ways. Every day we must thank God for his blessings. All during the day, we must be thankful. This thanksgiving should be in our hearts at all times. We don’t have to think them up or have some special occurrence to make them up. The singing of thanksgiving should lie just below the surface in the Christian’s heart.

We are to use our songs of praise for everything. God is continuously blessing us. All around us we see and experience his gifts of love. There are more blessings than we can name or begin to count. So, we can continuously be thankful for something.

This continuous thanksgiving for every blessing is to be done in the name of Jesus. All the Christian does is to be done through the authority of Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and we have no authority of our own and so we praise God and thank him through the authority of the Christ.

God is our heavenly Father and His Son is our Lord. We are servants to both but they in turn so love us that they provide us everything we need and even more.

Task for Today: Find the thanksgiving in your heart and put it into a song. Borrow one from someone else or write your own. After you have lifted the song up to God, share it with others.

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