To Participate or Not

“Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;” (Eph. 5:11)

This admonition by Paul is similar to the one about avoiding the very appearance of evil. Stay away from the works and deeds of the dark side, he says. Darkness or evil contributes nothing of value to society or an individual. The exact opposite is the case, however.

Darkness and evil are one and the same, and they are damning by their nature. These two bad boys cause problems in every aspect of life for every person in the entire world. Most importantly, they are responsible for the loss of souls. Hopefully not ours.

When darkness and evil control a person’s life they cannot be reached by the blood of Christ. There is no goodness or righteousness or truth to be found. Just the opposite is true when one is controlled by the light.

We have a choice then. Darkness or light. Evil or good, Satan or Jesus.

We also have a choice about how we relate to the two choices. We can speak out or be silent. We can tell people about the greatness of the light or we can keep it a secret. In the same way, we can warn people of the dangers of darkness or we can let darkness continue undisclosed.

What Paul advocates is shunning evil and evildoers to the extent that we speak out against it or them. The Christian responsibility is to expose deeds of darkness. We cannot peacefully coexist with evil and darkness. The faithful Christian should not close his eyes to the deeds of darkness but rather warn the world of the danger the darkness holds.

Task for today: Ask yourself some very personal questions about your own participation. Cease all activities that are connected with the darkness. When you see the evil of darkness today, point it out. Speak up for the light and against the darkness.

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