“Trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.” (Eph. 5:10)

The literal language of this verse is “proving what is pleasing to the Lord.” Using this language may help us to grasp the intent of verses 6 through 10. We remove the parenthetical statement and re-read the last part of the sentence.

“…walk as children of light proving what is pleasing to the Lord.” The NIV says “finding out.” Other translations say, “trying to learn,” “finding out,” “proving.”

So the fruit of walking in the light should prove (or show) what pleases Christ. When we are good, righteous, and truthful we are demonstrating some of Christ’s great qualities. The object of walking in his light is to become like him. This is referred to as bearing fruit. Living with the qualities of Christ changes us and makes us more like him in every regard.

We have a choice, as the next verse will tell us, to participate in the light or in the darkness. It is our choice and there is no in between. We please Christ or we please ourselves, which is a way of saying we please Satan. Faithful saints want to please Christ so they walk in the light.

Task for today: Write out on a sheet of paper “This is what pleases Jesus.” List as many things under that heading as you can think of in regard to you walking with Jesus in the light. Then check them off as to whether you are doing them or not. Sneak a peek at the next verse.

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