Ugly and bestial.

The above comment is borrowed from Jim McGuiggan the great Irish preacher and teacher. It is his way of describing our condition without God. Of all the beautiful things in the created world, man without God is the ugliest. Our behavior, left to our own desires and whims can become bestial. I’ve lived through several horrible wars and the behavior of some of those at war was worse than any animal. We’re so like the frog in need of a princess. We’re dressed like Cinderella was as a slave to a wicked stepmother. How we need a fairy Godmother type.

That’s why God sent his son, to take away our ugliness and bestiality. He wants to transform us into something beautiful and loving. To that end he sent the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is the guide in transformation. He is active in renewing our minds. To be led by the Spirit is to put the bestial part of us aside. The beast is a product of the evil one. Check Revelation for that fact. But those who are loved by God are loved into beauty. Gone is the beast. Led by the Spirit we become more and more like God’s son every day of our lives.

Look in the mirror. What do you see, beauty or beast? Look deep and don’t be fooled by outwards appearances. Look into your heart, your soul.  Just as God’s love has transforming power on you, your own capacity to love will transform you as well. Two things will help you transform from frog to prince, beast to beauty. Those two things are loving others, being loved by God.

When we are filled with the love of God we begin to share the love with others. The transformation is awesome. Why be a frog when you can be a prince?

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