Who then is the one that condemns? (Rom. 8:34)

Answer to this pivotal question: no one. Why not? it is evident to everyone that I am a sinner, that is that I do sin. Surely, the old accuser himself will bring charges against me. He knows my weak flesh better than I do. But he dare not accuse me of sin. Because God has chosen me for salvation through the blood of his son. He has saved me by grace and faith and washed me of my sins. He buried me into the death of Jesus and raised me up in his son’s glorious resurrection to new life.

This action by God was the means by which I entered Christ and he I. God condemned sin in the flesh so that the requirement of the law would be fully met in me.  This is true as long as I live by the Spirit and not by the law. So the first verse of the chapter sets the tone for all the rest of the verses. “Therefore, there is now on condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  I was a captive of sin, because I was a slave to sin. Sin ruled me and the law of sin and death proclaimed my ultimate destiny.

But God sent his own son to earth to partake of flesh and be an offering for my sins so that I could be free. He condemned sin in the flesh Paul writes in order that I might be made righteous. I have been set free from that law of sin and death. It was powerless to save me or anyone else because it couldn’t do anything about the weakness of the flesh. The flesh is so weak, it can’t say no to sin. No matter how hard I try I cannot overcome the flesh as long as it has dominion over me.

Enter the Holy Spirit to the rescue. First Christ eliminated the power of sin to destroy eternally. Then he sent the Spirit to guide me in overcoming the flesh. He brings the whole armor of God which aids me in my warfare with the flesh. The Spirit brings power to assist me in escaping temptation which leads to sin. It is hard to flee sin but temptation can be fled. With every temptation the Holy Spirit is guiding me to the exit door. When I allow him control of my life and not the flesh I can walk in the perfect light of Jesus. Once in that light the blood is continually cleansing me from my transgressions. That is why I can’t be condemned. That is why no one can bring charges against me. I am kept clean in the blood of the lamb as I am led in the light by the Spirit of God.

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