Lots going on.

Today the forty days of prayer has us praying for the ministries at Westgate. There are a lot of them. They involve a lot of people who spend time and energy getting them done. Some of them are outreach ministries, like the work that the ladies do on Monday at the jail and couples do on Sunday night. Ministries like Transform Central and mentoring at county work release. Westgate reaches out to those who are or have been involved with the law. Other outreach ministries include a clothing closet, a food distribution for the hungry and counseling those who are experiencing difficulties.

There are a host of ministries that are more for the building up of the body of believers. The men enjoy a time of fellowship on Mondays at the men’s luncheon. There are a large number who man (or woman) the library at every service. A large group provides help in worship as a praise team. We have a devoted group of men who lead the singing. Someone is always available for reading the scriptures and serving communion. Thanks to the worship leaders for seeing that that is done. Up in the balcony a group is tending to all the video and sound equipment making sure we hear every word.

A group is always there to welcome members and visitors no matter which door they come in. Coffee is made and ready when they do arrive. Lessons are printed and distributed for the morning Bible classes, song books containing the selections of a particular Sunday are in the basket waiting to be picked up. The doors are open and the heating/cooling system is regulated. The lawn is cut and the hedges trimmed. The sign reflects upcoming events. None of these things happen without some ministry leader seeing that they are done.

Suggestion 1: before you pray for all of these people identify as many of them as you can.

Suggestion 2: before you pray for all of these people read Romans chapter 12.

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