Pray for servants.

Today is the day to pray for servants of the church if you are involved in the 40 days of prayer. It’s a good day to pray for deacons and their wives and families even if you aren’t. Acts 6 tells us about the need for servants in the Jerusalem church and how men of certain character were chosen to fill that function. As churches grew so did the need grow and Paul later talks about the work these men and women do.

Take a few minutes and think about those who serve in your congregation or fellowship. Think about how various things at your building or grounds are taken care of. Reflect on how some one is working with the children, the youth, the seniors. Probably, the poor are being fed and housed. Many things we take for granted are being done behind the scenes by men and women who work quietly as servants in the Lord’s kingdom.

These are good men and women who have families and jobs and lots of other responsibilities. They take time from other things to help the local church in its role of reaching out to every need. We at Westgate have so many active ministries and the majority of those are managed and worked by servants of the Lord.

Suggestion: pray for as many of them by name as you can.

Suggestion: thank personally as many of them as you can.

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