…because of their work.

I speak from first hand experience when I say that being a shepherd of part of God’s flock is both humbling and frustrating. To be given the awesome responsibility of watching over a large number of souls can be nothing but humbling. At the same time, there were a number of times when the responsibility to do that was very frustrating.

People are not perfect. The flock is imperfect and the shepherds of the flock  are imperfect too. To be honest, shepherds sometimes let us down. As the minister is respected for his work, so should the elder be. In fact, 1 Thess. 5:13 tells the church to hold them in the highest regard in love.

That is to be done not because they are better than others or more important than others or worth more than others. That is to be done not because they are themselves worthy of that high regard. They aren’t any different in those regards than any member of the flock. Then why this special attention? Why should we not frustrate their efforts? Why should we be cooperative and helpful? If they are no better or saintly than us, why should we hold them in high regard? Why shower them with special love? Why hold them up before our families?

The answer is simple, “because of their work”. Their work is so important because it involves our souls and that’s reason enough to support them in every way possible. Today is the day we pray for our shepherds at our fellowship. When you do that don’t forget to pray for their wives. Without godly wives their task would be close to impossible. Lift each shepherd family up in prayer and let it be a prayer of love.

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