They have families.

Today is the 15th day of our 40 days of prayer. Today we are to pray for our ministers and their families. Most often the ministers are in the spotlight and the congregation is very aware of them and lifts them up in prayer. They get mentioned in the church bulletins and in church announcements. Frequent prayers are made by the congregation collectively and individually. I hope lots more are made today .

I’m just happy that their families are getting some press. During the years that I was involved in full time ministry my wife was most often referred to as “the preacher’s wife”. It was as if she didn’t exist on her own. Our children were “the preacher’s children.”  I’m not saying they were treated as second class citizens or anything like that but they were sure not in the spotlight.

The work of a minister, whatever ministry he or she is in, is enhanced or not by his family. They give up a great deal so that their family member can serve in their particular capacity. In most cases they don’t get enough prayers though. Today is our chance to make up for that. Wherever you are today stop and pray for the families of the ministry team of your church. Pray for them by name and not for “the preacher’s family.”

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