“You are what you eat.”

This is a popular phrase used by dieters and nutritionists to encourage better health. It probably originated from a phrase made famous by a German philosopher in the nineteenth century. He said “Man is what he eats.” He was a Lutheran but became an atheist. He wasn’t talking about physical food but what went in a man’s mind. When Martin Luther was struggling with his own spiritual beliefs another theologian basically told him the same thing.

This idea is biblical in that scripture is often referred to as food. The sincere milk of the word and the need for eating “spiritual” meat. Its given as the means of spiritual growth for all of God’s people. Jesus came as the true “manna” (spiritual food) and declared that eating of him would bring eternal life.

Even Jeremiah was told to eat the word of God and it would taste like honey.

We all want nourishing food for our children and we abhor their eating of junk. Children are usually not good at selecting a nutritional diet. That’s why they have parents. Parents know what is wholesome and good for a strong body and healthy mind. It seems puzzling that the same parents don’t take the time to ensure that their offspring are eating the right spiritual food. Many young people today are malnourished from a spiritual point of view. They read junk and hear junk and their spirit becomes filled with junk.

If you have a child under your care I’m asking you to think about what you’re giving them to eat today that will nourish their soul. Bringing up children is an awesome responsibility and it goes way beyond a physical diet and secular education.

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