Do good

to all people. This is Paul’s admonition in Galatians 6:10. This is based on opportunity. What do you think that means? Opportunity. Chance? Circumstance?  Paul also tells us that God has prepared good works for us. I take that to mean that there will be chances to do good works. God will see to it that opportunity comes our way. We definitely will find ourselves in circumstances where the possibility of doing good is obvious.

There are a variety of ministries available at every church. At Westgate here in Dothan we have multitudes of ministries a person can be involved in. All most all of them afford the opportunity to do good to all people. There are ways to do good to members of that fellowship as well as people who are members of other fellowships. There are ministry opportunities for helping those without any fellowship affiliation. As in most fellowships, there are probably more opportunities than there are ministers.

You can solve that. If you aren’t involved in your fellowship’s ministries consider doing so. The reward is more than heavenly.

All these ministries could use your prayers. Today we are praying for our ministries. Please join us in that and make it a daily habit. Participate and pray. God will bless you.

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