I was in prison …

Pray today for the jail ministry. I feel very close to this ministry because Grace has been a part of a two women team that teaches a Bible class every week at the county jail for ten years or more. I know that it is a labor of love and that many a crushed heart has been lifted up by the word of the Lord.

There are several couples from Westgate who go to the same jail on Sunday nights and minister to the ladies incarcerated there. Westgate is a church that loves the unloved and we have many people involved in that type of ministry.

Westgate owns two apartment buildings that serve as safe-haven for men who have lost their way. That program is run by James Dean and over the years many former inmates have made their way back into society by Transform Central.

So pray today for all of those who teach, instruct, listen and care for those who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law for some reason or others. Keep in mind that Jesus said he came to set the captive free. Those who are free in Christ are free indeed. God is ever present to lift burdens and free spirits. He uses his children to minister to those in jail whether the jail has bars or not.

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