“God blesses you so that he can do for

others through you; it is not always about you,” (D. A. McBride).  So when I count my blessings I’m really counting my opportunities to help someone else. My good health allows me to do things for others. My monetary gains are really to be shared with one who did not gain. My knowledge is to be passed on to those who are unlearned.

When I think about how blessed I am and how much I have and how wonderful God has been to me I really should be looking outward to see how all of that I have can be used in the kingdom of God. Wow!  When do I get to enjoy all these blessings? Are you sure that God didn’t mean them for me? If he wanted someone else to have them why didn’t he just give them to those people?

Answers are obvious. First, I get to enjoy the blessings by giving them away. Jesus said it more blessed to give than receive. So my blessings are multiplied when I share them. Second, God did mean them for you. He wants you to have them so that you can rejoice in helping others. He wants you to know the thrill of giving away rather than collecting up. Thirdly, he didn’t give them to others because he wanted you to interact with others in his name. That way, he gets the glory through you. Your generous gifts may be the gospel call to another soul.

Can we say, “Thank you God for the blessing, now show me where to use it.”?

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