“Anything that you desire more than me

becomes an idol” (Sara Young).

What is an idol anyway?  I like the third definition given by Webster’s New World Collegiate Dictionary. “Any object of ardent or excessive devotion or admiration.” It also says that an idol is “any object used as an instrument of worship as a God.”

Makes you stop and think doesn’t it. Rather go to the beach than worship Jesus? Put your job above your service to Jesus? Love ___________ more than you love Jesus?

Its easy to say, “I love Jesus more than anything,” but the question is more about what we do than what we say. When ‘things’ are put before Jesus in our life they are endanger of becoming idols. We have the possibilities of being all kinds of worshipers. The newest object may be the cell phone. It can come before family, friends, safety and if we aren’t careful, before service and love for our lord. “That’s impossible,” you say. Have you looked around you lately? Seen anyone get up from the table, movie, church service and walk out to answer the phone? Not talking about emergency personnel.

Might be time for a self inventory. What is my greatest desire? Is it taking me away from my walk with Jesus, robbing me of Bible time, prayer time? Just something to think about. Thanks, Sara.

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