“Faith is the first step…

even when you don’t see the whole staircase” (Martin Luther King, Jr.). What a beautiful description of faith. Faith is in a sense, a step into the unknown. Some times we refer to it as a leap. But, is faith really blind? Suppose we reasoned that while we can’t see the whole staircase we can see Jesus at the top landing. His beckoning presence assures us that the steps are there and that they are safe.

Faith is that assurance we have that a thing is real even when we can’t prove it. It’s as real to us as if we could in fact see, touch and smell it. Faith enables us to say, “I know that my redeemer lives.” I know.

We live in a skeptical world that doubts everything it can’t put in a test tube and heat over a gas flame. Nothing is true that can’t be sensed in the real sense. They have no faith in anything non-material, nothing beyond the moment. The future is bleak for them because it is a staircase unseen and they are afraid to venture forth. They walk by sight, we by faith. Neither of us can see past the moment but we believe there is something worth while ahead of us. What a difference in a life that belief makes.

Walk by faith, climb staircases by faith, live by faith knowing that Jesus is waiting for you ahead in the dark.


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