Others first; or its not about me.

The state of Kentucky has a problem with drug abuse that is concerning the state’s legislature. 1,200 people lost their lives in the state last year from drug overdose. That is a tragic number to be sure. The state law making body is calling it a crisis and are focusing their attention on doing something about it. We would and should applaud their efforts. At first glance it appears they are putting their constituents first but closer investigation may show otherwise.

Dr. Ralph Alvarado, a Kentucky state senator, has tried repeatedly to get this same body to address the problem of smoking in the leading smoking state in the U.S. No dice. Not interested. He can’t even get enough support to bring his bill to the floor for consider-ation.  This, in spite of the fact that 8,800 people lost their live in the state last year from smoking related diseases. All excited about 1,200 drug deaths, not excited about 8,800 smoking deaths.

Wonder why? Could it be that voting to help stop drugs gets you re-elected and voting to stop smoking in work places gets you un-elected? If that is the case, and it looks like it is, then whose interest do the legislators have in view, the people of Kentucky or their own.

I just chose this example to remind all of us that if we are to be followers of Jesus we can’t operate on the premise of what’s best for me. Jesus never did. He never wanted his followers to do so either. Jesus was a servant of the people and the people he calls to follow him are to be servants of the people as well. God first, others second and me third is a great policy. Wish the government of the U.S. used it as a guide. Wish the people of God did as well.

When you think of all the problems facing our society today you have to ask yourself this question: “How much better would it be if we all decided it wasn’t about me?”

I’m not talking about political issues although the principle would work there as well. I’m talking about problems with race, hunger, housing and all the rest of the things that keep us down as a people. There is enough money in the U.S. to feed every hungry person and house every homeless person but the money is in the hands of me first people.

If you agree with this blog, then decide today not to be a me first person. Put others first. God will bless you and so will the poor.

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