Secular Humanism 2

The Secular Humanist convinced the public that they were teaching Darwin’s theory of evolution as a theory only. That’s how it started. Then they convinced the government that religious theories had no place in a public school. That’s when evolution became not a theory but THE theory. It is THE theory because it is the only one taught. The word theory is not mentioned much in the classroom unless the science teacher happens to be a Christian, which is becoming rarer and rarer.

This is interesting since Secular Humanism, which is supporting and directing this theory teaching happens to be a religion. According to their own argument they should not be allowed to teach their religious theory in the public school system. Secular Humanism is the Trojan horse that will bring an end to Christianity in the USA as we know it today. They cannot destroy it worldwide but they are well on the way in North America.

How were they able to do this? Through education. Most of the teachers in the USA were trained at schools that promote Secular Humanism. Their professors are Secular Humanist and the students leave the institutions of higher learning to help spread the doctrine. Among young people (post college age) it is by far the most popular philosophy and guide to living in the here and now.

Since they are rapidly infiltrating mainline churches, spinning off various “campus” churches they will soon silence the voice of the church as well. Unless, Bible believing, God fearing people of this country raise up we will lose the freedoms that we have. We have no place in education, no place in government and no place in the markets.

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