My Father

If you are familiar with John’s gospel you know how frequently Jesus makes reference to his Father.  It’s as if he wants to make sure no one misunderstands where his abilities come from. Jesus is the Son of God but that is true because he was born a human being. The Philippian letter says he was equal with God but “divested” himself of that honor. In its place ( the place of God) he took on flesh. He became a man. He gave up his divine abilities for a time.

So, in John, he is constantly saying I did this, or I said that, because my Father allowed me to do it, or gave it to me to say. He keeps saying, I do nothing of my own, I speak nothing of my own. Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit, full measure. It was through the power of God that he did the miracles. Everything he did was commissioned by God.  He learned  obedience. Not something a God has to do. God is not obedient, he demands obedience. He demanded it of his son. His son was not in the role of God but in the role of man.  In truth, he gave up heaven’s glory but was given glory by God while on earth. Not the same glory.

We know this because before he left this earth he asked his Father to restore the glory he had in the beginning before the world was even begun. The glory he had on earth was not the same. He gave up his glory as God to be a man but when his job as a man was over he was ready to resume his status before he became a man. There is no indication that he wanted to be a “glorified man” sitting on the throne next to God.

Many of today’s theologians wish Jesus to remain a human being, if a somewhat glorified one. Jesus had no such intentions. He left his manhood behind once he entered the throne room of heaven and resumed his seat with his Father. He resumed his former glory, not exalted human glory but the Godly glory he had in the beginning. The only reason to keep Jesus human is to bring him back to this earth to reign over an earthly kingdom. Problem with that is Jesus rejected the entire idea. His kingdom is not on the earth, it is not earthly. He is not the king of lowly things but he is the majesty on high.

One day every human will bow before the Word and confess that he was not only Messiah but is the Lord God. Those expecting a man to return will be disappointed. The one who arrives on the clouds with angels is no long “a little lower”; he is now the reigning king of heaven. He is the spirit God ruling the spiritual world over spiritual people. This earth will pass away but he will be God forever. Amen.



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