One Response to the Birth of Jesus

Herod did his best to rid the world of its savior. He was the first but not the last to attempt murder of God’s only Son. Just imagine the greed it took to kill all the male children in a village. Symbolic of the hearts of man who would rather be king over their small kingdom than live under the reign of the creator of the world. Jesus escaped to Egypt, not because God didn’t want him to die but because it wasn’t time for him to die. The date of Jesus’ crucifixion, like the date of his birth was set by God.

Later the religious leaders would spend a lot of their time trying to take Jesus a prisoner and stone him. John records such an incident in chapter 10 of his gospel. They would have killed him but he escaped. Matthew talks about how they plotted for some way to seize Jesus and kill him. He taught in the temple on a daily basis and the people heard him but the leaders tried to kill him. Luke says in 19:48 “Yet they could not find any way to do it, because all the people hung on his words.” They would have but God wasn’t ready.

Eventually, when the time was right, God allowed evil men to prevail. He allowed it because it was time for it to happen not because he got tired of rescuing Jesus. The men of power thought they had finally won. Even Pilot, who was but a pawn of God, thought he had power of life and death. Ironic when you consider he was talking to the one who put the breath of life in his personal body. Jesus cleared that up, however, explaining the limitation of all power on this earth. He told Pilate, “You would have no power if it wasn’t given you from above” (John 19:11). Every human being on this earth is without power. All power belongs to God.

Today, in our world, babies are still being slaughtered by the greed of men. If the king of heaven were to intervene they would try to kill him as well. The masses cried out, “Kill him, kill him.” In our modern society we have a different approach. Our masses cry out, “Ignore him, ignore him.” Rather than call for his life we pretend he is already dead. Is there much of a difference?

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