It’s Christmas

Gal 4:4
But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law, NASU

Christmas is finally here. It seemed like it would never arrive, didn’t it? Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus. While it is true that we don’t know the exact day Jesus was born we do know that it was certain day. A precise time, pre-set and established in the history of the world. It wasn’t just one day or some day it was the day.

Christians have chosen December 25 to represent that day. Like the precise day God chose, we understand it’s implications as being the birth of God’s Son. Born a natural birth on just the right day. December 25 is our way of recognizing the one day in history that God picked to send his Son as a new born into the world of men.

From the beginning, God knew he would send his son as a infant to reclaim the world from its sin. Some may want to argue the date of when he came but let no one argue why he came.

Thanks: to God for when he came, to Jesus for why he came, to the Godhead for loving us and allowing him to come.

Prayer: God in heaven, we celebrate the coming of your son, the birth of the redeemer today. We celebrate his redeeming death everyday. We praise your gift of grace and join the angels in chorus, “Glory to God in the highest.”

One thought on “It’s Christmas

  1. I love the quote I heard on Fox News recently, “If the world had needed education, He would have sent a teacher. If it had needed money, He would have sent an economist. But the world needed forgiveness, so He sent a Savior.”


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