Away in a Manger

Oh little town of Bethlehem, too crowded for the Son of God. But you do have a stable to offer. A place built to shelter and feed the oxen and donkeys. Yes, there’s a manger inside. A wooden box to hold the animal’s food. It will make a perfect bed for a baby. If we had been God, how would we have made our entrance into the world of man? Would we have chosen a place of lowly birth? Born in a stable, wrapped in a manger, the King of Kings knew about being poor and he knew about being humble. It was what he was all about from heaven to earth. From birth to death, threatened, scorned and finally rejected, he maintained his humility.

Sleeping in a box made of wood, then dying on a cross also made of wood. No room in the Inn and no room in the hearts of men.

So true, the God-child came in the deepest humility and left mocked and beaten. So true, he came as the king, left as the king, and now reigns as the king. But even as king, he is still despised and rejected by men. Sadly, even those who don’t despise him still reject him. Anything but Jesus reigns in their hearts.

What about you? Do you have room for Jesus or have you sent him to the stable? What do you offer the new born king, a wooden manger or a heart for a throne?

Think of this, if all we have to offer is a stable rather than a room, then we must give our stable to him, we can hold nothing back. Let’s just make sure we aren’t putting God in a stable while we have a suite in the inn.

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