A King is Born

When did the star appear in the East?  Was it when Mary conceived the Holy Child, or was it the night of our dear Savior’s birth? Which ever, it led wise men to seek the awaited king. It doesn’t matter when you see his star, either, early or late it will lead you to the babe in a manger who is the king of kings.

Is the real story about seeing the star or going to the star? For the wise men of the  East, the star represented the coming of a king. Not just an ordinary king, not need to travel across the world bearing gifts for just any king. They knew this king was special. They had one purpose in following the star and that was so they could worship the new born king.

Have you seen his star?  Is it still on the horizon for you or have you followed it to the Christ Child? This Advent, as you look in in the stable, do you see the infant or the king? Do you want to hold him or adore him? The baby of Bethlehem is the son of God. He is God in the flesh. We are excited to learn of his birth but for us he’s not to be rocked in a cradle but worshipped on a throne.

Action: This Christmas celebrate not just the baby but the king. Travel afar to worship him, it’s worth the trip. Be a wise person and bring him the gift of your heart, it is the only  present he desires.

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