Celebrate the Light

I remember the first time I was in a cave and they turned the lights off. To say it was dark is an understatement of the grandest sort. It was that kind of darkness that people say you can cut with a knife. It was the kind of darkness the world is in because of sin, so much in need of light and ignorant of the light source.

Advent is the celebration of light coming into a dark place. For us to gain the greatest appreciation for Advent we must understand and accept the darkness that was or is in our own hearts.

When the light that gives light to everyman was manifested in the flesh in the dark stable of Bethlehem the world was given a brightness it had never known since leaving Eden. Jesus, sweet baby Jesus, Jesus, blood stained Jesus is the light of the world that comes to every man who will let the light in.

Are you living and walking in his light?

Prayer: Dear God, shine the light of your son into the darkest places of my heart. Let there be no darkness in me but only the light of your son. Bring me out of the darkness of self into your glorious light.

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