I Called My Son

When God sent Joseph, Mary and Jesus out of Bethlehem he could have directed them in almost any direction. The danger was in Bethlehem. All the male children two and under were murdered only in that one city. The family of Jesus was led not to Nazareth, or Cana or even across the Jordan but to Egypt. What was in Egypt that was so special? The answer of course is nothing. It wasn’t about what was there but where it was. Egypt was a symbol to the Jews, a symbol of their deliverance. The great exodus was the sign that God was with them.

Just as God brought the chosen people out of Egypt he brought his chosen son out of Egypt. It symbolized the work the son was to do. He was born a deliverer. Even his chosen name, Jesus, spoke to his work as the one who would deliver God’s people once again.

The deliverer was first promised to Eve and then Abraham and then Abraham’s descendants, including Judah. The deliverer promise was passed on to Moses and David and finally a host of prophets. There would be another exodus from slavery. Slavery in Egypt or slavery in sin, God’s people had to be rescued. In the fullness of time the deliverer came, sojourned in the land of slavery and came out to lead all who are captive free.

All of us have been captured by sin and its consequences. But there is a deliverer. We can be set free from the power of evil and the penalty of sin. Jesus bought our freedom on Calvary and sealed it with his resurrection. If you are living in your own Egypt in slavery to sin, join the exodus, follow Jesus to freedom.


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