Comments on Verses from Prophets

Nahum 3:6 “I will throw filth at you and treat you with contempt and make you a spectacle.”

This is God’s message to that wicked city Nineveh. For those of us in the New Testament age, it seems a harsh message, one unbecoming of the God we love. It is true that those who have God’s favor will not hear language like this but at some point, all of us were contaminated with sin. It is hard to imagine a city so terribly evil that God would throw filth at it. Yet, it did exist. If you thought about some of the large cities of today can you imagine one so evil that it would call forth God’s wrath? Sure you can. The world is an evil place and cities without God soon turn into living cesspools.

Violence, murder, rape, lying, injustice, and many other sins are rampant in cities of the world today. Do you wonder what God is saying about them? Already in America, we are setting cities up for destruction because we are removing law, order, and justice. We are abandoning those things that bring Godliness and blessing. Think about some of the American cities you know about and project the direction they are moving in. Sin and the city is not a fiction story, it is real.

Task for Today: Speak up for God. Speak up for justice and love. Be a voice against evil and evil practices. Support those in government who stand for right. Lend your voice and support to those who would bring about righteousness. Any city, if not supported by Christians can become a Nineveh. The Nineveh’s will receive contempt from God and He will overthrow them. Make sure you are bringing righteousness to the city where you live.

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