Comments on Verses from Prophets

Hosea 11:1 “When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son.”

This verse is a beautiful tribute to the coming Son of God and the chapter itself has loving and kind words for Ephraim, for His people who He now will have to discipline. He remembers teaching them to walk, holding them up, caring for them in sickness. He led them with love and kindness and when they needed Him, He knelt down and fed them. How can He now give them up? How can He now give them to their enemies and wipe them up as a country. God wants them to know that He doesn’t want to punish them but they have left Him no choice. God reminds them that He doesn’t behave like men but He is God and will not destroy them completely. God doesn’t want to lose His children forever, but will call them back.

We know the story of Jesus’ trip to Egypt as a small child, fleeing the wrath of a disarranged king. How he was kept their much as Israel was kept in Egypt many years before. Both Israel and Jesus were protected there until the time of their exodus arrived. The first calling resulted in disappointment as Israel stayed in an ongoing revolt again the God who called them. Jesus on the other hand, came as a faithful son, doing the will of the one who sent him. Again the love of the father was lavished on the Son. Until…until the time came to rescue the rest of His children. Then God placed His wrath on the Son to save the multitude of children.

Task for Today: Take this beautiful picture and put yourself in the frame. You are the loved child who has been called out of Egypt. God will teach you to walk, heal your wounds, lighten your burden and feed you from the tree of life. Today, come to him for adoption. Be a part of His family.

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