Hebrews 13:13

“Therefore let us go to him outside the camp and bear the reproach he endured.”

Some who went to the cross with Jesus went to jeer and ridicule. Their kind still exists. Some who went to the cross with Jesus were commanded to go. Going because you have to is still an unsatisfactory reason. Some who went to the cross were drawn there out of curiosity. It could be a place to start if you don’t know why the cross is there. Some who went to the cross went out of anger and a desire to kill. There are those who still are angry with God and wish to harm His servants. Some who went to the cross with Jesus went because they loved Him even though they did not understand why He was on the cross in the first place. There are still those who love Jesus and are willing to follow Him outside the camp.

Those who follow Jesus outside the camp must understand that the reproach of the cross will fall on them. They will not escape the consequences of disavowing sin and following Jesus. It is not safe in the camp. Sin is in the camp in every form of disobedience to God. Sin that would not spare the Son of God will not spare those who linger in the camp. Christians must separate themselves from the world and stand on the hill with Jesus. Jesus calls for us to pick up our cross and follow Him.

Task for Today: Take a minute out of your day and ascertain where you stand. Are you in or out of the camp? Evil cannot harm you outside the camp and in the arms of the one who defeated it. Where is your cross, on your back, or on a shelf? Do you today choose the world, or do you choose the hosts of God?

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