Hebrews 13:12

“So Jesus also suffered outside the gate in order to sanctify the people through his own blood.”

Golgotha was not in the city of Jerusalem. The place of the skull was outside the “camp,” so to speak. Jesus was taken outside, just like the animals that were sacrificed on the Day of Atonement. It was intended for shame and a sign that it was away from the people and God. Jesus was alone on the cross, even to being forsaken by God. He became sin, our sin, and could not abide in the presence of the Holy One.

The reason for this suffering, this sin induced separation was not because of what Jesus had done. He was taken away from the city and God because of our sin. We belonged outside the camp. We belonged on the cross among the thieves and sinners of the world. He took our place. He took our pain and disdain. We rightfully sing, “Jesus paid it all, all to him, we owe.”

Task for Today: Don’t turn your back on what Jesus did for you. Don’t continue a life of sin when you can be free of sin. Give your heart to Jesus. Let one cross be enough; one death suffice. Your choice: die with the world or reign with Jesus.

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