Chapter 13:1

“Let brotherly love continue.”

We feel the shift of the writer. For Christians, who have been shown the greatest love imaginable, there is no higher calling than to love the brotherhood of Christ. Even if there are disagreements among the brothers, these disagreements cannot be allowed to bring about division or animosity. It is still true today that a Christian cannot love God and hate his brother. The following verses offer ways to show that love.

Love is an action word. It is a verb that indicates activity. You can’t love and remain silent, nor can you love and sit by and watch. Love means involvement. It means sacrifice and doing with less. It means putting yourself, and your wants on the shelf in order to minister to someone else. Love gives and forgives. It doesn’t stop and start. It doesn’t run hot and cold. It continues on, day after day, event after event.

Task for Today: What is your love plan for today? Do you plan to be proactive in your approach to loving your brother, or will you just be there if needed? What brother (or sister) needs help today? Maybe they need a call or a kind word. Maybe some service is needed. Do you have time set aside to show love? Plan on loving someone with a positive action today.

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