Hebrews 12:29

“…for our God is a consuming fire.”

This final thought is basically the end of the writer’s attempt to persuade believing Jews to abandon their quest to make the old covenant a part of the new. They must leave the old and accept the new if they want to be saved. All promises of salvation have now shifted to the faith in the Messiah. Without Jesus, no one can be saved. His is the only name under which salvation can be claimed. Man is saved by the grace of God, or he isn’t saved. God gives mercy to whom He decides warrants it. The criteria for mercy has been determined by God, and His determination is based on the sinner’s faith in God’s Son.

This verse is a warning to all who ignore the Son. Just as God rewards those who obey Him, He brings wrath on those who refuse Him. The fire of God is a fire of consummation. It leaves nothing behind, not even ashes. At the end, it will be turned on the heavens and the earth because they are filled with iniquity continually. God will replace them with spiritual heavens and earth, which will not allow any iniquity in its realm.

Task for Today: The decision you make today to obey or disobey God is not a frivolous one. It’s not like choosing ice cream flavors or a favorite team. This is a decision that will affect how you spend eternity. Choose wisely.

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