Hebrews 11:22

“By faith Joseph, at the end of his life, made mention of the exodus of the Israelites and gave directions concerning his bones.”

Why did Joseph give directions in regard to his bones? Things were well in the land, and the Jews had the favor of the Egyptians. How did Joseph know that they would leave Egypt and to another country? Was he psychic? Could he see well into the future? He did know what others did not know but not from some innate ability. He only knew what God revealed to him. Many things he did not know in advance. He did not expect his brothers to show up. He did not know he would see his elderly father once more or his beloved brother Benjamin.

He did know that Egypt was not the permanent home of his family. Like Abraham and Isaac, he foresaw another home. He foresaw it because God revealed it to him. Faith, like the kind Joseph had, is the result of hearing the word of God and trusting it to be the truth. Joseph’s instructions about his bones were all about trusting the word of God. The exodus was many, many years in the future, but it was the same as next week or tomorrow to Joseph.

Task for Today: You don’t need to worry about your bones, they won’t need carrying to some other place. Your bones will remain where they are placed at your death, but the part of you that doesn’t require an earthly home will need to be moved. Like the Hebrew land of promise, you, as a Christian, have such a land. Rest assured that when the time comes, your spirit will make the journey to a proper resting place. Also, be assured that when the time comes, your spirit will be transferred to your permanent residence.

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