Hebrews 11:15

“If they had been thinking of that land from which they had gone out, they would have had opportunity to return.”

This verse adds to the idea of focus. What goal were the faithful saints of old focused on? Did they have a particular city or country in mind? Did following God lead them to settle for a home on earth. Our writer is suggesting that it did not. They had opportunity to return to their “homeland” if they wanted to. They were not homesick for earth, it turned out, because they had met God, and He offered them a home with them.

Jesus offers the same to Christians. He made it plain that He was leaving earth to make a new home for His followers. He promised them a new home within His father’s house. A home not made with hands and a home that is indestructible. Made with a foundation so secure that the powers of earth could not overcome it.

Task for Today: Today, try focusing on your true home. Think about a city built by God Himself, a city for you, a home for you. Forget for a little while this earth and all its trouble. The more you think of heaven, the less earth will mean to you.

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