Hebrews 11:14

“For people who speak thus make it clear that they are seeking a homeland.”

These faithful servants of God considered themselves strangers and aliens, not in Canaan or Palestine but strangers and aliens on earth. By faith, they came to know that this world was not their home and that their home was with God in the heavenly realms. They proclaimed by their faith that earth holds no treasures for them. As in the words of the old song, “This World is Not My Home,” they considered themselves as ‘just passing through.’ Living in tents was more than symbolic to them; it was their statement of life.

Basically, Jesus preached the same message. “Don’t lay up treasure on earth,” He taught. Don’t put your trust in this world, but consider the kingdom of heaven. Parable after parable reinforced this thought. Earth, this world, is not the ‘Pearl of Great Price.’ Building bigger barns (or houses) is not the answer either. Why put down roots in soil that won’t provide long life? Jesus insisted that His followers seek the things above.

Task for Today: Which homeland does your lifestyle point to? Are you a tent dweller or a barn builder? Something to think about, isn’t it? As a Christian, you should be singing, “This World is Not My Home,”; are you?

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