Hebrews 11:2

“For by it, the people of old received their commendation.”

How were all those wonderful figures in the Old Testament able to do the things they did and receive God’s blessing for their actions. Simple one-word answer: faith. They actually believed that God would do what He said He would do. They believed it to the point that they acted on what God said. It is only when you step into the unknown with the belief that it is known that you can manifest true faith. This is what the people of old did, and this chapter will remind us of those people and how they proved they had faith. Keep in mind as we look at their stories, what James says in his book, “Faith without action is dead.”

The faithful have always found favor with God just as the unfaithful have felt His displeasure. For those in the kingdom today, our commendation is the promise of life eternal, a heavenly home in the presence of God Himself. “For by it,” should become our motto, our statement of action. By faith is the constant avenue to God’s approval.

Task for Today: Are you living by faith today? Is your every action motivated by that faith? Do you assemble and participate in other kingdom activities on the basis of faith? Have you been going through the motions? It can happen when we don’t do it by faith. Today, change your motive for motion. Don’t do anything without a “For by it,” attitude. It will change your life in an eternal way.

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