Hebrews 10:19

“Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus…”

The, therefore, will be revealed in verse 22. Let’s focus our attention on the word confidence. No one living under the old covenant got near the holy places without fear and trepidation. Their historical experience at Mount Sinai and subsequent confrontations with God in the Wilderness Journey gave them a healthy respect for the wrath of God. The rules and regulations surrounding the tabernacle and its sacrifices, as well as all the rules of purification, also lent to a very reluctant approach to God. Think of Isaiah’s “Woe is me…” and others who trembled at the very thought of being in the presence of the Holy God of Israel.

But, the Christian, who has been purified by the blood of Jesus and has become covered in the righteousness of Jesus, is not afraid of God. The Christian has learned of mercy and grace and eternal forgiveness, which is peace with God. The Christian has been adopted by God and can call God, Father. The Christian is welcomed at the holy place because he is totally and completely cleansed of all iniquity. The Christian may approach the throne in prayer in both confidence and boldness.

Task for Today: Claim your right as a child of God, a born again Christian, and come before God with confidence that you will be welcomed and accepted. You are a child of God, and Jesus acts as your go-between, having cleansed you in His lifeblood.

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