Hebrews 10:18

“Where there is forgiveness of these, there is no longer any offering for sin.”

This one is relatively easy, isn’t it? If you are still offering sacrifices, then you must not have forgiveness. If you know your sins are forgiven, then you would not be offering sacrifices. To go back under the old covenant and its continual offering for sins means that you are accepting the fact that your sins are unforgiven. Why would you do that? The Hebrew writer is making a good point. The Christian has been cleansed from sin on a permanent basis. The Christian’s sins are washed away. God has taken them out of the camp forever. He will never charge them against you as long as you live under the new covenant.

This verse winds up the argument he has been making about offerings for sins under the two covenants. The Christian may live with boldness in the knowledge that his sins are forgiven forever. To accept grace from God is to recognize that you do not need to constantly make atonement but that the atonement has been made for you. We are saved by grace, not by continually offering sacrifices. To continually try to make atonement for one’s sins is to say I don’t believe that grace is sufficient.

Task for Today: Jesus died for you. That was grace. Accept it. Turn your sins and your life over to Him and quit worrying about your sins. Walk in the light, and His blood will continually wash you clean. Believe Paul’s words that there is no condemnation for sin in Christ Jesus. Repeat over and over again, “Jesus paid it all, all to Him, I owe.” You can’t work for salvation only because salvation has been provided free.

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