Hebrews 10:13

“…waiting from that time until his enemies should be made a footstool for his feet.”

This verse assures us that Jesus has accomplished the task given Him by God to provide salvation for the world. Once that salvation work was accomplished, Jesus was finished until the end of earth time. He now sits at the throne of God, maintaining the order of things until God declares the end. The enemies of Jesus, Satan, and death are, in a sense, accomplished but not finalized. The finalization will come at the end when the Devil and all his agents (including physical death) are cast into the lake of fire. The power of evil will be totally destroyed, and Jesus will be able to come and call His people home.

Task for Today: We wait too. Will it come in our physical lifetime or later? It doesn’t matter since the important thing to remember is that we wait with Jesus, who is the victor over all His enemies. The final one is death, and if you are washed in His blood, you will share in that victory. Embrace His salvation today. Like Nicodemus, you need to die to sin and be rebirthed through the water and the spirit. Believe in the good news of salvation in Jesus. Repent of your former way of life and confess His name before men. Finally, submit to baptism into His death and resurrection. Become a new person in Christ today.

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