Hebrews 9:20

“…saying, ‘This is the blood of the covenant that God commanded for you.’”

The blood commanded for them was the blood of animals. They had no choice in this particular use of the blood as it was commanded by God. When God made the covenant with Israel, He foresaw the new covenant He would make with a new Israel. Not an Israel determined by race or physical circumcision but one that would include all nations and races who would have their hearts circumcised. They, too, would have the blood of the covenant and it would be determined by God.

For His new covenant and His new covenant people, God chose the blood of His own son. That blood was shed by God and covered all the holy things and places as well as every single member of the covenant. That covenant was written on the hearts of the new Israel, not in a book and their hearts had to be cleansed by the blood just as the book of Moses was.

Task for Today: Makes no sense to seek the old covenant, does it? It makes no sense to use the Ten Commandments which were a part of the old covenant as your guide of life, does it? If you have chosen to be a part of the new covenant, you have the word of life in your own personal heart. Think for a minute about Jesus’ lesson on what was formerly said and what He said. Don’t live under the former but rather the new.

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