Hebrews 9:18

“Therefore not even the first covenant was inaugurated without blood.”

This is a continuation of the same argument. Blood is central to the covenants. The shedding of blood is a repeated process in God’s dealing with man out of the garden.  The sacrifice of animals permeates the Old Testament story. All those sacrifices involving blood were pointing to the ultimate blood sacrifice. Blood and life are connected. Life is in the blood. The shedding of blood is symbolic of the ending of life. Regardless of how the blood is taken or how much is taken, it reminds us that life has ended.

Jesus’ death involved his life’s blood. Beginning with the scourging and ending with the spear in His side, the blood of Jesus made the sacrifice for humanity’s sin. That blood was the cleansing power of God that wiped away man’s sins.

Task for Today: We know that the blood washes away sins. Paul was told to be baptized and thus wash away his sins. It wasn’t the water he was submerged in but the blood of Jesus that was applied to his sins. Have you been washed in the blood? Have you been immersed in baptism where your old man dies and the blood cleanses you so a new man can come forth? If not, then do what Paul was told. “Arise and be baptized.”

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