Hebrews 9:17

“For a will takes effect only at death, since it is not in force as long as the one who made it is alive.”

The writer of Hebrews likes long arguments. He wants to make sure that his readers do not misunderstand what has happened with the Old Testament Law. He wants to make sure they understand what Jesus has done that changes the game. The death of Jesus was a game-changer in terms of salvation. First, it provided onetime forgiveness for sins. Second, it included all peoples of the world. Third, it made all people equal by removing classes and groups. All Christians are priests and kings in the new kingdom.

This verse also reminds us that the death of Jesus is pivotal to the plan of God for redeeming the world. What the religious leaders of the world were trying to do was maintain their own plan. What Satan was doing was trying to stop the plan God was enacting. They plotted the death of Jesus and fell right into God’s plan. God had kept the entire thing secret and once it was done, it was too late to undo it. God won and so did mankind.

Task for Today: Keep in mind, as gruesome as it seems, Jesus had to go to the cross and die. It was the only way you could be saved. Thank God today for His willingness to let it happen so you could know the joy of redemption. The death of Jesus is an unspeakable gift.

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