Hebrews. 7:14

“For it is evident that our Lord descended from Judah, and in connection with that tribe, Moses said nothing about priests.”

The author is stating his premise in a different, but it is the same point. Mose is substituted here as the Law. Moses, via the law, only mentioned one tribe in connection with the priesthood. That tribe was the tribe of Levi. Up until Jesus’ offering at the throne of God, no one but Levites had made that sacrificial offering. All the work of the Levites was assumed in the one act of Jesus.

This, of course, was not a problem for the Gentiles who came to Jesus. They had no Mosaical background. While they may have known the names of all or some of the tribes, they were never involved in Levitical services at the tabernacle or temple. They knew about priests as their previous religions used them in some capacity.

Task for Today: Not a lot here from the priesthood standpoint but notice the first part of this verse. Today acknowledge that Jesus is your Lord. As your Lord, celebrate Him as your high priest. 

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