Hebrews 7:7

“It is beyond dispute that the inferior is blessed by the superior.”

The author has a goal in mind, and this statement is foundational to understanding his bottom line. The fact is that the lesser personage does not seek the blessing of the greater personage. This is a widely understood premise, and his readers are well aware of its significance. The couple to be married do not give their blessing to the father or parents. No, they come seeking that blessing.

In this reference, there are two personages involved. One is Abraham, Father of the Jews, and the other is Melchizedek, Priest of the Most High God. Melchizedek blesses Abraham, and Abraham, in return, offers a tithe. These two events establish who is superior. Melchizedek is superior to Abraham, and thus the Melchizedekian priesthood is superior to the priesthood that comes through Abraham. This is the Levitical/Aaronic priesthood.

Task for Today: Be ready to find Jesus as a Melchizedekian priest superior to all the other priests regardless of their ancestry. In fact, the book of Hebrews is keen on proving that everything related to Christ is superior to the Old Testament covenant and its priesthood. Forget the law, the old commandments, and all its arrangements. Center your focus on Jesus as the priest of God as well as the lamb of sacrifice.

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