Hebrews 7:6

“But this man who does not have his descent from them received tithes from Abraham and blessed him who had the promises.”

First, we are told that the Aaronic priesthood received tithes from their Jewish brothers. Then we are told that Melchizedek received tithes from the Jews through Abraham. There was no relationship between Abraham and Melchizedek. There were no family ties at all. Melchizedek was in a completely different situation than the Aaronic priests were.

Not only was Melchizedek, not family, but he blessed Abraham rather than the other way around. And who was Abraham? He was the one given the promises for the Jews by God. How does Abraham, who had the promises from God turn up being blessed rather than doing the blessing?

This is the point of our writer. What is the only conclusion to these two factors? Melchizedek, as God’s priest and king, outranks Abraham, the father of the Jews. Consider, someone other than a Hebrew was considered greater than the Hebrews. Not a thing easily grasped by the Jews in the early days of the church.

We might also draw this conclusion: The blessing of Melchizedek was required for Abraham to receive the promises. This would certainly be a game-changer for Jewish Christians. It would elevate Melchizedek to a higher level. Since the idea is to make Melchizedek superior so that Jesus would be seen as superior, this would certainly do the trick.

Task for Today: Lift Jesus up as king and priest. Give Him the highest rank as God has done. Jesus is the greatest king and the greatest priest, and we owe him more than tithes.

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