Hebrews 4:5

“And again in this passage he said, ‘They shall not enter my rest.’”

We move from Genesis 2 to Psalms 95. This is the third time this particular verse is quoted. It appears the writer is trying to make a point about who will and who won’t enter the rest. As we will discover, this is all about the fact that since they didn’t enter the rest, the rest is still available. The generation to whom the promise was made failed to keep the conditions of the promise and because of that failed to enter into the rest.

The situation is the same for all who come under the promise. The rest is still available for all who will keep the conditions. Those who didn’t and those who won’t all fail because they do not trust God and believe in Him as the only provider of rest. Those who did and those who will enter the rest are those who trust and obey. Disobedience will keep you from the promised rest and obedience will see you into the rest.

Task for Today: Make sure you understand the conditions of the promise. God offers rest to those who are His people because they trust and obey Him. God will not offer rest for those who don’t. Today, put your trust in God. Obey the good news God has sent in these last days through His Son. Listen to Jesus. “He that believes and is baptized will be saved.” It’s all about believing and obeying. Don’t miss out on the rest that God promises.

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