Hebrews 4:4

“For he has somewhere spoken of the seventh day in this way: ‘And God rested on the seventh day from all his works.’”

When someone quotes a verse from the Bible today we like them to give us the exact location of the quote. Our writer does not do that. The difference is not the one who quotes but the one who hears the quote. Today, we are not sure about the quote but this writer was addressing people who knew the Old Testament well. Many of them had memorized entire books as a part of their early education. They were real students of the word.

We should recognize this quote as it is from Genesis 2:2. It puts God’s rest in the proper framework. God’s rest was from creative work. God continued to be active in the world, maintaining and refining what He had created. Even today, the creation continues to be maintained by God. Makes you wonder why so many politicians are concerned about its care.

Humans created nothing and maintain nothing. All things were created by God and we are just free-loaders. We can’t change creation unless God allows it. We can’t stop change unless God allows it. This world is not ours, it belongs to God to do with as He wishes. We should be reminded that we can’t add one day to our lives and that being so why would we think we could add one to the life of the world.

Those who run around yelling that the sky is falling like modern-day Chicken Littles deny the God of Heaven. Reminds me of Psalms 2. “Why do the nations rage and the peoples think vain things?” “He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.”

Task for Today: Don’t waste time worrying about the sky or global warming either. Trust God. The world is His not ours and He will do with it as He pleases and there is nothing we can do one way or another. Today set your eyes on the eternal rest that God offers. Enter into that rest by trusting and obey the Creator of all things.

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