Hebrews 3:6

“…but Christ is faithful over God’s house as a son. And we are his house if indeed we hold fast our confidence and our boasting in hope.”

Old Israel as the house of God had a servant as its leader. New Israel as the house of God has the Son of God as its leader. Easy question, “Which is the greater?” We know the answer because it is so obvious. Obviously, not everyone really appreciates the difference. Remember the story Jesus told about the vineyard owner who sent servants to collect his money. The workers killed them. The owner said, ‘I’ll send my son, surely they’ll respect him.’ We know how that ended, don’t we?

Is that story too true? It will be if we don’t hold fast our confidence and boasting in hope. The servant gives no hope. The nation wound up in the wilderness and spent the rest of their days in one kind of wilderness or other. The Son, on the other hand, gives real hope. He provides the path out of the wilderness and leads the new nation out of it for good.

Task for Today: Ask yourself which seems better to you. Will you respect the servant or the Son? You can travel the wilderness for eternity or you can follow the Son to glory. What is your choice today? Can you say with Joshua, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord,”?

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