Hebrews 3:7

“Therefore as the Holy Spirit says, ‘Today, if you hear his voice,”

This verse and the next few are quotes from Psalm 95. The psalmist is trying to get the people to praise God and acknowledge Him as their God and themselves as the sheep of His pasture. The last half of the psalm is a reminder of the disobedience and lack of trust the people had when they refused to take the promised land. The results of their lack of faith in God was to wander in the wilderness and miss out on the promise God had made them.

One of the outstanding lessons in this verse has to do with the connection the psalmist makes with the Holy Spirit and the written word. Jesus came to bring the unwritten word and was given the title of The Word. When that word was put in the mouth of prophets and then written down it was the work of the Holy Spirit. This helps us to understand how the Godhead works together. The work of the Spirit as the source of inspiration complemented the spoken word of The Word (Jesus).

The work of the Spirit continued after the writing was completed. Even today, He is at work with the word in our hearts. We dare not read the scriptures without His aid. No one knows the word better and He is in us to help us grow in that word. Just as those in the psalmist day, we must hear His voice. That is an admonition from the Holy Spirit Himself. He has that voice and gives us that voice.

Task for Today: Listen to the voice of God which comes to you thru the word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit lives within you if you are a saved believer and His dwelling ensures that you have access to the truth. Listen to the Spirit; He brings the Word, which is the message of God.

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