Hebrews 3:2

“…who was faithful to him who appointed him, just as Moses also was faithful in all God’s house.”

The comparison of Jesus to Moses continues. In this verse, the writer tells us that just as Moses was faithful to do God’s work and carry out His plan so was Jesus. The important word in this verse might be “appointed.” Jesus was appointed by God to do certain tasks. He was also appointed by God to have a specific role that no one else had ever been appointed to.

Jesus was appointed the last prophet who would warn the people of the wrath of God on them if they continued in their resistance to His will. He was appointed the last high priest who would offer the final sacrifice for sin for God’s chosen ones. He was appointed to deliver the last message mankind would hear from God. He was appointed to be the only begotten Son of God who would make a temporary home with men. He was appointed to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

In every single one of these things, Jesus was faithful. He was faithful to the very end and never once did He fail to do what God appointed Him to do.

Task for Today: Think about the great plan of God and what it means to be the recipient of the faithfulness of Jesus. By His stripes, you are truly healed. By His sacrifice, you are truly forgiven. By His resurrection, you have hope of eternal life. Something to think about, isn’t it?

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