Hebrews 3:1

“Therefore holy brothers, you who share in a heavenly calling, consider Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our confession…”

Therefore links us to the first two chapters and the comparison of Jesus to the angels. We know that the author has placed Jesus as superior as a messenger and covenant bringer than the angels were thus making His covenant superior. The writer now turns to another comparison, this time to Moses and Joshua.

Since those who belong to Jesus are His brothers, they have been sanctified (made holy) and hold a share in the heavenly calling of Jesus. The writer reminds them of that by addressing them as holy brothers. We do not often consider ourselves in this way, but we have every right to do so. We are holy. Not because of our own righteousness but because of His righteousness.

We are now introduced to Jesus as an apostle and high priest. Jesus was sent by God to be God’s spokesperson and witness. Jesus was sent to accomplish salvation for men, and He did what He was sent to do. He was God’s spokesperson, His emissary. He was sent to bring the lost back to God. He thus became our high priest so that He could offer the final sacrifice for sins. Unlike previous high priests, Jesus offered Himself as the first complete sacrifice.

Task for Today: Keep in mind today that Jesus is superior to everything in the Old Testament period and documents. He is a better apostle than Moses and a better High Priest than Aaron. He does a better job of leading to the Promised Land than Joshua. Accept His sacrifice for your sins and become His brother.

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