Hebrews 1:13

“And to which of the angels has he ever said, ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet’?”

The writer of our book wants to make sure we understand the vast difference between the Son and the angels. In the New Testament, world, angels were revered and played an important role in Jewish history. When we read about encounters with angels in the Old Testament, we are impressed with the near worship they are accorded. Often the human who meets them speak of them as Lord or even God. The Jewish nation revered angels and placed them next to God.

This verse and the next is meant to put this reverence in perspective. Angels are not God is the point, but the Son is. The right hand is the place of honor and rule. Angels are not on a level with God in spite of their appearance to men in God’s behalf. The Son is different. He not only appeared to men on God’s behalf, but He embodied the very essence of God in doing so, and now that His work in that realm is complete, God elevates Him back to His rightful place in the heaven of heavens.

Task for Today: Understand that Jesus is no longer a flesh and blood human walking on earth. He is God seated on His throne in heaven. We constantly see Jesus pictured as a man with long hair wearing a white garment, or we see Him hanging on a cross. Those pictures are history. Today, work on seeing the Eternal Son sitting of the throne of God because He is not a man on the cross but the Creator and Sustainer of the universe; He is Almighty God.

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